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   I'm sure many if not all artists have issues with being confident. Some of us just want to get our ideas and fantasies on paper by working quickly. While others work meticulously and want to produce the best work possible. And an anointed few are just so talented that they can produce decent to great work whether they're dealing with confidence issues are not. All sides have their own forms of being confident in what they do. But I've noticed all sides differ in how confident they are in approaching the work.

I consider myself to be apart of the meticulous type at this stage of my art skill and "career" you could say. But I didn't start out this way. My confidence level fluctuates based on what I'm drawing,what I want to draw, and how I go about drawing. Perfect examples of these confident levels can be seen in my recent drawings. 

Here is an example of my work when I feel confident and fully invested in doing the work.…

My line work is bolder because I spent more time doing the inking. I spotted and added more blacks to bring out more contrast. I even rendered her lips.Granted there are some flaws. Both or one of the eyes seem a little off. But overall this sketch was drawn from start to finish.It took about 3 to 4 hrs from pencil sketch to inks with no distractions.

Here is an example of my work in which my confidence was a little shaken.Due to having to re draw the sketch multiple times.…

The sketch overall is still good. The quality of work is still there. But this drawing looks like it lacks a bit of effort compared to the Reiko sketch. Going into the drawing my confidence was already shaken because I realized Dixie had a whole different look and body type that I don't draw often. I also had to keep in mind that the person who commissioned me wanted her muscular. I knew I had to produce a sketch that was just as good or even better than the Reiko one. So I also had that added pressure of producing another quality sketch. With this sketch I had to use my will power to boost my confidence. I always feel I have moral obligation to maintain a standard when it comes to doing artwork.Not only for my own self enjoyment but also for those who feel my art is worth paying for. So I had to focus and pull up my sleeves to get this sketch done. While Reiko was fun and I was inspired while drawing her( I am a fan of her character^_^),Dixie required a bit more effort to do up to my usual standards.

Here is an example of my work when my confidence was low. This is not trend I would want to continue.But I do notice when I'm not "feeling it". Yet I continued to labor through the work,just to get it done.…

So many flaws with this sketch. It just doesn't look like there was no effort behind it. I wasn't surprised nobody commented on it.Not even the person who I did this sketch for left a comment.And I don't blame that person either. This sketch was almost doomed to fail from the beginning.Here is why.

* It was a free sketch. The person got the buy 2 get 1 sketch free deal. They ordered the Reiko and Dixie sketches and got this one for free.
* The character is very obscure. I never heard of or seen this character  or the game they are in before
* The character is under age and has no really defining characteristics. Granted she was cute and busty.But other than that this character was kinda meh.

  I know it seems like I'm making excuses on why I did a shitty job with the sketch. But I'm not making excuses.I am listing the reasons why I wasn't confident in drawing this character. When you usually do something for free you kinda lay off mentally when it comes to effort. The character design and look didn't inspire me at all. So I was thinking to myself how in the hell am I going to draw a sketch of this character that is as good as the previous ones. I did some research through google images.Other than the companies character designs and in game photos there was no  real fan art of this character. When I usually find myself mentally stumped and not confident when it comes to projects I just keep things simple.
      When I roughed out the sketch it was looking good.But somewhere between tightening up the line work and inking I just lost interest.Because I knew I was mentally fucked. I just wanted to get it done. I spent more time trying to pump myself up in wanting to do it, instead of just settling down and getting it down. I usually don't put  a deadline in how I go about my work.But I did try to force myself to getting this sketch done as quickly as possible.

   Before the last year and a half I was not confident in doing commission based work.Because I felt I couldn't produce quality art work on consistent basis. But now I'm confident in doing commission work.Yet I still have doubts in my skill level as an artist to maintain my own level standards. I'm sure every artist have their high and low points when it comes to producing work. I noticed that the artist that are not as skilled or as experienced seem to just produce at a much higher and faster rate than those who are more skilled.But that's due to them just loving to draw and not really caring about end result of what they put on paper.Or even taken proper steps in the process while drawing. I'm sure many of us was like this when we first starting drawing. With me I had a set vision on what I wanted to achieve and do with my art. I wanted to draw and be as successful las my influences. I wanted to be as good and successful as the comic book artists Jim Lee,Rob Liefeld,Todd McFarlane, ect. But I also wanted to tell stories like the Hernandez brothers work in Love & Rockets. As you can see I was child and teen during the late 80'[s and 90's lol.

 I put a fair amount of pressure on myself to be the best I can be.And the battle with my own self confidence is a never ending one until I feel totally at peace and comfortable in my own ability.


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Montreal Mack
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Well I'm back,pretty much full time. The real world is kicking my ass but I'm kicking back. I'm going to be posting a crap load of new pieces.So be sure to leave a comment of praise or critcism.

I'm an older guy and pretty easy going. This drawing thing I do is all I got to leave something of myself to let the world know I do exist.

Current Residence: Stockton CA
Favourite genre of music: J pop,R&B,some Hip Hop,some Rock,and some of everything else.
Favourite photographer: none yet
Favourite style of art: Old fashioned. Just plain old pencil to paper.
Favourite cartoon character: Jinx(Gi Joe the Movie.)
Personal Quote: none yet.

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