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       I feel 2014 is going to be one of those years that will just come and go. It kinda started out well in terms of opportunities.But now I'm just going through the same motions I've been doing the last 3 yrs. And that's getting new projects done for Con season. After I got let go from the bakery job I've realized that maybe I'm not in good enough shape to do high production jobs. Hell, I may just be so out of touch with society all together to function well in the work force. Maybe this art thing is pretty much all I got and all I can do in order to make a living. As much as I want to to do this all on my own. I can't do it all, especially financially. Putting my art work on DA and other sites got me noticed and some exposure but it hasn't done a much as far as paying the bills.I appreciate the people who do commission me for sketches.I just wish I was commissioned as much as Tazz does lol. She puts out a lot of work. And a good chunk of it is commissions. I will admit that I got to work on being discipline as far as just setting aside 8 hrs day just to produce work. 

     My only excuse is that my best work only comes when I feel really inspired. When I get that spark I try to pump out as much art work as possible before my inspiration wears off. I'm really considering drawing more adult oriented commission work. I know a few artists on this site as well as others making good money doing adult and porn related work. So before I get to that point of no return I want to find other artists who are talented but struggling. Who want to  produce art work in hopes of making a living off of it. Or artists that just want to see where there talent can take them. That's why I brought it up with Luis that we start looking to add more artists under the Blue Baby Art  umbrella.

 I call this program Blue Baby Collaborations. What we are looking for are artists who want to collaborate and help each other out in producing work in order to make money at con's or personal projects. Back in 2011 Luis and I started commissioning colorists to color my line art. While Luis has took the the time to teach himself how to color using Photoshop and other programs, I just don't have the desire to sit in front of my laptop for hours doing digital color work.Even though I did take a class on how to use Photoshop.I am not a digital colorist.Nor am I trying to be. So I would much rather commission and collaborate  with those artists who do color digitally and do it well to color my line art. If a fellow member is not the best line artist I will have no problem drawing fan art for them. With a collective group of artists things can get done smoothly.And people can have each others back so collaborative or personal projects can get done.

  I know this sounds all well in good but I'm sure some of you are wondering if your going to be compensated for your work and collaborations. Luis and I have no problem commissioning and financially compensating for good work and time well spent in producing it.But at the same time we are not made of money. Which is why I feel that the only way this is going  to work is that everyone must invest their time,effort, and work wanting to work together to get projects done. And at times that would mean providing work in order to be compensated later

  This sounds like a risky venture to be a part of.And I'm sure there will be some issues that will need to be addressed as things move forward.All that Blue Baby Art has to offer is our experience in producing art work, prints, and merchandise to sale at cons and doing commission work.If you can prove to us that your willing to work and be willing to work together with other artists. We can help you get started in your own personal goals as an artist if you are willing to work to get there.

We are looking for at least 10 to 15 dedicated talented artists and group contributors. I know the space for these spots seem limited but we are also looking for regular members as well.If your feel your up to the the task then leave a comment or send a note. we are looking for pencillers,inkers,digital or traditional colorists,graphic and comic book artists, and even those who make costumes or do cosplay. Blue Baby Art is located in California but we have and still collaborate with other artists from across the country and even the world. If you got an artistic talent,skill,or just experience you feel would benefit the group then let us  know. 

If your not interested or can't provide work as a member at least you will be able to meet and get to know other artists.Feel free to ask or post any questions you may have.


     Well as you can see I have been posting a lot of art work lately.Sadly Blue Baby Art didn't get a table at Fanime for this year. Fanime made some changes and are now "selecting" artists to get tables this year. Over 500 applied but there were only 250 tables available. I prefer the old "first come, first served" selection process. So of course after about a week of going over 500 applicants they emailed the artists who got picked. Naturally quite a few people were pissed off and vented on Fanime's Artist Alley Facebook page. I'm sure whatever art community- committee they had that made the selections tried to be fair and wanted the best representation of art in Artist Alley.The problem  is that the selections being made are going to be biased and based on personal preference no matter how you try to convince others its not. At least with the "first come,first served" selection process if a person doesn't get a table then its their fault for not finishing the application process in time.

  I think the organizers lost sight of the fact that quite a few of us depend on getting a table because we really need the money.Peoples livelihoods are at stake. Granted for the young 18- 22 yr old artists its just a good opportunity to show case your work.But for the artists that are 25 and up we got bills to pay and families to support. Artist Alley should be more about the artists and less about what kind of "image" the con organizers want to portray to the public. But that's just my opinion.

  As far as projects here's the list.

*I going to re draw the Mikasa Attack on titan fan art by doing a new one. the previous one I liked conceptually but visually it was not my best work.

*Etna from Disgaea is in sketch form.

*Harley Quinn is still in the process of being pencilled.

*Other drawings being worked on are just in figure work form.I haven't decided which characters that they are going to be. But one of them will be Psylocke from the X-force team shes on. Another will be a fan art of Kagari from the anime Witch Craft Works.

* I had a Sailor Moon project in the works but I'm kinda scared to go forward with my own interpretations of the sailor scouts. My ideas might alienate some of the hardcore fans lol.I learned my lesson from the MLP project from last year.



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Montreal Mack
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Well I'm back,pretty much full time. The real world is kicking my ass but I'm kicking back. I'm going to be posting a crap load of new pieces.So be sure to leave a comment of praise or critcism.

I'm an older guy and pretty easy going. This drawing thing I do is all I got to leave something of myself to let the world know I do exist.

Current Residence: Stockton CA
Favourite genre of music: J pop,R&B,some Hip Hop,some Rock,and some of everything else.
Favourite photographer: none yet
Favourite style of art: Old fashioned. Just plain old pencil to paper.
Favourite cartoon character: Jinx(Gi Joe the Movie.)
Personal Quote: none yet.

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