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  • Mood: Irritated
   I'm suffering from  stress because of lack of sleep,shortness of breath, and severe lower back pain. The back pain is so severe that it  impairs my ability to walk long distances. Which suck because I need to get out and exercise. Physically I shouldn't be so stressed or suffering from suck lower back pain because I don't do much but sit on my ass drawing or bullshitting most of the day. I think the back pain comes from lying down awkwardly on the floor for long periods of time when I'm watching TV or drawing. As far as the stress its more mental then anything. I go through spurts of depression at least a few times a year  but I always fight through it.

 Getting into bullshit  arguments over trivial things doesn't help matters any. Luis and I got into it over printing prints. He called me up and asked me if I could print two 11 x 17 prints to refill the what we sold at Ani-Jam.He ran out of Cyan(Yellow) ink  printing out fair bear stickers.And his printer was acting up on him at the time.So I basically told him no.And asked him why couldn't he go by the office depot 5 minutes from his house and just pay the 3 or 4 bucks to get the prints. Luis then said that's why he gave me paper a few weeks ago in case something happens to his printer. I then asked him why he couldn't just  go out and buy some more ink. It was his decision to do our prints at the house.I told him that doing prints at home is still costly.It may be more convenient and not as costly as going to go buy prints at a store,but its still an expense no matter what. Luis said he ordered ink online(because he's a cheap bastard) and it won't arrive until Thursday. So then he started trolling me by calling me lazy. I countered his trolling by telling him how can I be lazy when I've been working by finishing up not only his commissions but other peoples. So we went back in forth on who does who in our business venture. He got butt hurt and was like fuck it He was like "I guess we are just not going to replenish those two 11 x 17 prints until the ink he ordered online arrives".

At that point I knew Luis was standing his ground. So I was like ok. You know what? I'm gonna just call him back and say ok I'll print out the two prints on this paper he gave me. One of us got to be the adult  in this situation. So I'll do it. Its about time I start being self sufficient. I need to prepare myself and realize that I can't rely on Luis forever.And I need to consider fully profiting off the work I do. One of these days Luis and I  need to talk and get things down on paper as far as what responsibilities we have in this venture as far as who does what and dealing with actual costs. If things go bad and one or both of it say fuck it and back out. I'm sure we both want to cover our ass and make sure we are not screwing each other over.

 As far as I'm concerned both sides are benefiting to some degree. Luis is doing what a business man is supposed to do and that is keeping costs down.And I'm fine with that to a certain extent as long as we do not sacrifice quality of the product. I'm also doing my part by producing more artwork.Yet I'm not charging him anything for each illustration I have done or doing. We split the profits 50/50. Which I don't have an issue with either.Considering how much money he pulls out of pocket to cover con trips and expenses. If we were to go about this the proper way we would have to go through a lot of bullshit and numbers. Which I'm sure Luis is trying to avoid. I myself would kinda prefer doing it the proper way.At least that way there are regulations and ground rules in the working relationship. Even so I would probably be shooting myself in the foot. I wouldn't blow my whole foot off but I would definitely shoot off a toe and would cripple myself and hurt whatever benefits I may have now.

 Luis needs to realize this venture will only go as far as he wants it to go.I know he knows this and that bothers me. Slowly but surely our venture is moving forward.But me being the artist can only do so much.I am not the captain of the ship that is Blue Baby Art.I'm just a deck hand with managerial responsibilities. At the same time its the majority of my work as well as others being seen,sold,and recognized.My reputation as well a others who do work by coloring my drawings is more at stake than Luis's is.Which is why I can't and won't settle for working with bullshit or dealing with mediocrity.

Well enough of that drama.


 So...yeah Ani-jam came and went.It was the hottest and fastest 2 days I've spent at a con.We did well.Better than last year.So I got no complaints. I just figured out why they call the is called Ani-JAM. Its because their stage zero where they have their music guests and live bands perform is in the same large room that the vendors and artist alley are in. Some of the performers were hit or miss. But the people at the con had a good time. There were more people this year.So that helped. The only thing that Luis and I felt sucked was how we were treated by one of the con staff when we tried to get in to get our badges and set up our booth on day zero.The night before the actual con. The lady pretty much treated us like we were trying to sneak into the con and basically blocked us from getting in. I sure that was not her intent. One of the volunteers who was in charge of distributing the badges had to leave day zero at a certain time because he had real life shit to do.We got there late so I understand. At the same time she could have been a bit more polite instead of telling people  if your late GTFO and come back tomorrow.That's not exactly what she said but that's what it sounded like.

Other than that it was the same old same old. Took cosplay pics,met other artists, bought some con swag.I will say this was one of the few times that my stomach wasn't upset during the con weekend. I would thank Luis' sister and her family for their hospitality by allowing us to crash at their place over the weekend. Oh and Luis took me to a cafe where the young women wear bikini's. Not a bad place.It got a DJ station and HD TV's to watch sports or at the time we were there Disney movies. The ladies were nice.Service was a bit slow.You shouldn't have to wait 15 minutes to get your drink.

Sac-Anime this weekend!!!

 We got Sac-Anime this weekend. But due to stress I'm kinda meh in terms of getting hyped for it.I'll be hyped when I get there though. So far 2014 has been pretty mellow. No idiotic online movements over cosplay and other bullshit.Thankfully they have remained on the internet and  the drama haven't spread to the point its all everyone is talking or worrying about it at cons. All I'm looking forward to is having a good time with friends,get some drinking in,sell some art work, and be geeky for another weekend.

I keeping my expectations at a minimum. The con goers this year seem a lot more happier than last year. But that's probably why a lot of the online drama last year is pretty much an non issue this year.


*I sent The Sorceress to AJ O Dell to color. What can I say I miss seeing what the guy does to my line work. Hes just so dayum good ^_^.

* I realize I have written some shit in my journals that I haven't done yet. So don't be surprised if quite a few of you guys get a note from me concerning a group invite or other shit.

* I'm really trying to get Mikasa Ackerman done.Sadly she won't be done and ready for print for Sac-Anime.Even if I did have her done by tomorrow or Thursday. I don't know if any of the colorists in our group will be able to color it up in time for prints for this weekend.

* I'm pretty much back logged with commissions again and that's fine. I'm just focusing on doing each one at a time.Because when I rush or try to take shortcuts on quality I do shitty work.I'm not good enough to where I could wing it.But I am getting better at it. I've been getting commissioned to draw sketches on a lot blank variant comic book covers recently. I might need to jump on this trend of buying sketch cover comics and doing my artwork on them.

*Other than commissions I have no other projects planned.It seems like I haven't produced as much art work this year compared to last year.But it feels like it I have done just as much.5 yrs ago I only had 2 drawings posted on my DA account. Now I'm almost up to 350.I could have produced more. But I don't think anyone should say I'm lazy when it comes to getting shit done when it needs to get done


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Montreal Mack
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Well I'm back,pretty much full time. The real world is kicking my ass but I'm kicking back. I'm going to be posting a crap load of new pieces.So be sure to leave a comment of praise or critcism.

I'm an older guy and pretty easy going. This drawing thing I do is all I got to leave something of myself to let the world know I do exist.

Current Residence: Stockton CA
Favourite genre of music: J pop,R&B,some Hip Hop,some Rock,and some of everything else.
Favourite photographer: none yet
Favourite style of art: Old fashioned. Just plain old pencil to paper.
Favourite cartoon character: Jinx(Gi Joe the Movie.)
Personal Quote: none yet.

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